QLOCKTWO 180 Red Pepper Wall Clock 180cm - Women's Watches (1)

QLOCKTWO 180 Red Pepper Wall Clock


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QLOCKTWO 180 Red Pepper Wall Clock 180cm Q180ENRPPC QLOCKTWO 180 a timeless, unmissable eye catcher in an impressive 180 x 180 cm, makes you stop and look at time in a different way. The typographic font combines the moment with the written word and makes a statement, IT IS QUARTER PAST SEVEN. The words change in five minute increments, with four small illuminated corner points displaying the minutes in between. The front cover is available in a selection of colours, languages and materials. Sensors adjust the light automatically to ambient light conditions so that even at night the clock can be easily read. Also, there is an option for manual brightness adjustment. QLOCKTWO can be changed to any language or appearance in a matter of seconds. QLOCKTWO masters more than 20 languages. QLOCKTWO will be delivered in the chosen language. You only need another front cover, which is available as an accessory, to display the time in another colour or language. Please note that, due to technical reasons, a change of language is not possible for the Arabic language version. Timeless award winning design QLOCKTWO has been designed by designers BIEGERT and FUNK and handmade to the highest quality standards in Schwabisch Gmund Germany, since 2009.

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